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Counseling Services
Table of Contents


A. Mental Health Services

B. Depression

C. Domestic Violence/Family Abuse

D. Family Issues

E. Peer Pressure

F. Substance Abuse

G. Anger Management

H. Suicide

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Logos and Links

A. Mental Health Services

West County Mental Health Center

38th 2nd Bissell

Richmond, CA 94805

Hours: Mon – Fri 8-5pm

Fax: (510) 374-3068

Services: Provides Psychiatric Outpatient Service for young adults ages 18-21 or older. Adults with emotional problems such as Delusional Disorder, Psychosis NOS, major depressive disorders, Bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and other organic mental disorders with acute symptoms, requiring medications and/or hospitalizations. Apply in person. Fees vary according to income.

Service Area: East, west, and central

Children Services

303 41st Street

Richmond CA 94804

Hours: Mon – Thurs 8-7, Fri 8-5

Ph: (510) 374-3261

Fax: (510) 374-3857 Restriction(s): West CCC residents only,

Services: Provide comprehensive out patient services to children ages -18 and families with social, emotional and/or behavioral problems and their families. Individualized treatment program may include assessment and diagnosis, individual, family, group psychotherapy play and activities therapy, crisis intervention, consultation and referral and parenting groups.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) - CC Mental Health

24-hour hotline: (888) 678-7277

Intake Procedure: Referral through TBS program


Hours/Days: Mon-Fri 8:30-5pm

Eligibility: Children ages 3-21, at risk to themselves and/or primary caregiver, meets criteria for medical necessity & Medi-Cal. No Fees.

Services: Time-limited one-to-one behavioral intervention targeting children at extreme risk themselves / their primary caregivers. Behavioral specialist is assigned to do a functional analysis and treatment plan to target high-risk, out-of-control behaviors such as hitting, head-banging, or property destruction.

Reach Within – Reach Project Inc

1915 D Street

Antioch, CA 94509

Ph: (925) 754-3673

(925) 646-2224 Mental Health Referral

Services: Provides school plus full-day and half-day treatment program with outpatient mental health services to work on family issues sexual and physical abuse, substance abuse, academic and social skills, and gang involvement Hours/Days- Mon-Fri 8:30-5pm

Eligibility: Females ages 12-18, in The 7th-12th grade, on probation or at risk of being Languages: Spanish

Fees: Sliding scale for treatment, prevention Services are free, Medi-Cal accepted

Mental Health Association of Contra Costa County

1340 Arnold Drive, Suite 200

Martinez, CA 94553

Day/Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5pm

Ph: (925) 957-5150

Access Line: 1-888-678-7277

Services: Promotes mental health, the prevention of mental illness, and the improved care and treatment of the mentally ill. Citizen volunteer and staff work to eradicate the stigma affecting the mentally disable, educate the public on critical mental health issues. There’s a match program that connects an adult in the community with a young person who is in trouble. Program Restriction: If they have Medi-Cal, they are assigned a therapist/ and can get medication.

Service Area: East, central, west.

Familias Unidas

205 39 Street

Richmond, CA 94805

Ph: (510) 412-5930

Fax: (510) 412-0567

Hours/Days: Mon-Wed 9-5:30pm,

Thurs 1–5:30 pm

Appointments after 5:30pm by arrangement

Program Restriction: Work with non-insured individuals

Services: Provides bilingual/bicultural mental health services for primarily Spanish residents of West Contra Costa County who are experience emotional distress problems with children and Crisis on conflict within the family.

Service Area: East, Central, West, Alameda and Solana

Families First

Mt. Diablo High School

2245 Bacon Street

Concord CA 94520 - 2297

Ph: (925) 827-3857

Fax: (925) 827-4104

Attn: Families First Website: Hours/Days: Mon-Fr 9-2pm

Services: Provides services designed for teens who have not been successful in a public school setting due to their emotional disturbance and for whom less intensive services have not been sufficient. Average length of time in program is 12 months.

Eligibility: High school students exhibiting problems that seriously interfere with their school performance. Grades 9-12.

Asian Family Resource Center

12240 San Pablo Avenue,

Richmond, CA. 94805

Phone: (510) 970-9750

Fax: (510) 970-9751



Services: The AFRC’s staff are culturally competent bilingual counselors from the KHMU, LAO, MIEN, and VIETNAMESE communities. Following services are provided: Drug and Alcohol Education and Treatment for youth and their families. Leadership Development activities nurture self-esteem and build multicultural understanding through partnership collaboration and shared decision-making. Advocacy and leadership skills empower API youth to influence. Intake assessments, case management services, parent support groups, community integration services for Asians.

B. Depression

New Directions Counseling Centers, Inc

996 Oak Grove Road

Concord, CA 94518

Ph: (925) 798-7500



Hours: 9am-9pm by appointment only.

Services: Individual counseling for youth and young adults. Areas of counseling include depression, parent-child conflict, school programs, separation and divorce, childhood and adult abuse, abandonment and rejection.

Fees: Cost determined by income. Maximum fee is $60/hr.

C. Domestic Violence/Family Abuse

Tri-Valley Haven

3663 Pacific Avenue

Concord, CA 94550

Ph: (925) 449-5845

(925) 449-5842 (24-hour crisis line)


Services: Serving adults and children who have survived domestic violence or sexual assaults. 30 bed shelter for battered women and their children and affordable counseling / food pantry and free mobile health services.

Service Area: central and other.

STAND! Against Domestic Violence

1410 Danzig Plaza, 2nd Floor

Concord CA94520

Ph: (925) 676-2845

Fax: (925) 676-0532

Ph: (888) 215 – 5555 (24-hour crisis line)

Website: www.

Service Area: East, Central and West.

Services: Provide support, shelter and training to people who are abused, treatment programs to people who abuse, and preventive education programs to youth, children and adults experience abuse in the future. These services fall under categories: Intervention, Treatment, and Prevention.

D. Family Issues

West Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau

263 South 20th Street

Richmond CA 94804

Ph: (510) 215-4670

Fax: (510) 215-9713

Hours: Monday – Friday 9-5 pm Serves only residents of West County children, youth and their families.

Services: Provides a comprehensive service delivery systems designed to improve the coordination of services to children youth and their families. Service includes; clinical assessment, crisis intervention, case manager, individual group counseling, advocacy and parenting.

Parental Stress Service

1727Martin Luther King Way, Ste 109

Oakland CA 94612

Ph: (510) 893-9230

Crisis hotline: (510) 893-5444

Fax: (510) 893-2074

Website: Area Serviced: Contra Costa County

Services: Provides families with comprehensive services to prevent and treat child abuse and promote positive parenting.

Family Stress Center

2086 Commerce Ave,

Concord, CA 94520

Ph: (925) 827-0212



Services: Gives counseling to families in the Contra Costa County area

Safe Exchange/The Wellness Community

3276 McNutt

Walnut Creek CA 94596

Hours/Days: Mon-Fri 8-5pm

Ph: (925) 933-0107

Cost: $3.00 charge

Services: Help people who have been diagnosed with cancer Individuals and family counseling is available therapy groups, support system (ages 18 & up)

Planned Parenthood – Central Richmond

101 Broadway

Richmond CA 94801

Ph: (510) 232-1250

Website: Area serviced: Contra Costa County

Services: Provides family planning, education, related medical services, counseling, birth control prenatal care, childbirth classes, abortion information, cancer screening, dysphasia services AIDS services, offers disability counseling. All services are confidential regardless of age.

Service Area: east, west, and central

Fees: vary according to income.

California Youth Crisis Line

PO Box 161448

Sacramento, CA 95816

Ph: (800) 843-5200



Services: Statewide 24hr crisis line providing crisis line intervention counseling, youth-to-parent message services, phone connections to service providers and families, information and referrals to youth in crisis and their families

Hours/Days: 24hrs daily

Languages: Spanish

Fees: none

Pittsburg Family Alliance

501 Railroad Avenue

Pittsburg CA 94565

Ph: (925) 439 – 5400

Hours: Mon – Fri 9-5pm

Service Area: East

Services: Parenting classes – English / Spanish

Community Presentation Series

Health Educator Training Program

Leadership Training Program

Community Outreach

Referral Plus

Network Plus

Scholarship for Recreation Program

E. Peer Pressure

California Youth Crisis Line

Ph: (800) 843-5200

Hours: Open 24hrs a day / 7 days a week Available to youth and young adults ages 12-24.

Services: Listens and gives feedback without judgment. Will provide referrals.

Service Area: Other

F. Substance Abuse – Clinic (In-Patient/Out Patient)

Alcohol & Other Drugs Services/Substance Abuse

597 Center Avenue, Suite 320

Martinez, CA 94553

Contact Person: Fatima Matal Sol

Ph: (925) 313-6311

Fax: (925) 313-6390


Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Expeditions

P.O. Box 1064

Albany, OR. 97321

Fax: (541) 812-0116



Hours: Mon – Fri 9-5

Eligibility: Adolescent age 13-18

Services: Provides a mental health and alcohol and drug abuse treatment program for youth offering a 21-day wilderness expedition with traditional psychotherapy theory and techniques, behavior management therapy and a modified 12-step approach to address drug and alcohol and behavioral problems.

Covenant House

2781 Telegraph Avenue,

Oakland, CA 94612

Ph: (510) 625-7800



Hours/Days: 24 hours daily

Eligibility: None

Services: Provides help for youth and their families.

Dorothy Youth Connections

951 Ventura Avenue

Albany, CA 94707

Ph: (510) 526-1617

Hours: 24 hours daily.

Eligibility: Adolescents, 10-18 years

Fees: Accepts medi-cal

Services: Provides drug abuse services, emergency services, family planning, individual and family development, organization support, child protection and care, education services, employment and training, recreation and leisure services.

Viewpoint Productions, Inc. (Teen Help Adolescent Resources)

Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5pm

Ph: (800) 637-0701

Location: Nationwide


Service Area: Contra Costa County

Services: Support families with teen challenges. Provides a National toll free hotline to assist parents, child care professional, and other in locating appropriate resources for the treatment of adolescents struggling with making the best choices in their lives. Refers parents to teen programs and alcohol and drug treatment centers. Helps parents find financial aid for program. Fee: None

New Connections

3024 Willow Pass Rd

Concord CA 94519

Ph: (925) 363 – 5000


Service Area: East, Central and West

Services: Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Services

Youth Substance Abuse Treatment

Juvenile Drug Court Treatment

Familias Fuertes / Strong Families

School Counseling

Youth Diversion Counseling

G. Anger Management

Reach Project, Inc

1915 D Street

Antioch CA 94509

Ph: (925) 754-3673

Services: Through positive peer participation, students learn enhance decision making skills build personal responsibility and strengthen self-confidence.

Family Stress Center

2086 Commerce Ave, Concord CA. 94520

Ph: 925-827-0212 ext 150

When: Tues & Wed 6–7:15 pm in Concord

Fees: $20 per session; Medi-Cal accepted

Services: Offers techniques to control anger with acceptable response for difficult and frustrating events.

Reach Alliance in Brentwood

3385 Main Street. Ste. B Oakley, CA 94561

Ph: (925) 809-7920

Fax: (925) 240-7871

Services: Anger management girls self esteem. (9th grade to 12th grade) Through positive peer group participation, students learn to – develop the ability to think positively in anger producing situations – decrease the frequency of anger thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. – Learn and implement stress management skills to reduce the level of stress that accompanies it. Also:

Job preparation and placement

Good employers and wage growth

Paid job training

Assistance finding affordable housing

Help with legal issues

Child support case assistance including

DNA testing, drivers license releases, modification of support orders, reasonable arrears payments. Fathers Taking Responsibility support groups. Support Group meetings are safe, and drug and alcohol free. Food is provided during meetings

H. Suicide

Emergency Services: Call 911

Contra Costa County Hotline

PO Box 3364

Walnut Creek, CA. 94598

Ph: (800) 833 – 2900

Or 1 (800) – 784-2433 (Suicide)

Suicide Prevention 24 HR

Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Ph: (925) 472-0999

Contra Costa Youth Council
A Committee of the Workforce Development Board of Contra Costa County
2425 Bisso Lane, Suite 100 Concord, California 94520
Phone: (925) 646-5239 Fax: (925) 646-5517