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Get on the Right Track for a Bright Future

There's no question that today's employment market is much more competitive. Good planning and active job readiness preparation will better position you to get the job you want. Today's employers are looking for more than just "hard skills," they're also looking for good communication skills, for the ability to work well in groups and for the willingness to do what it takes to get the job done right. There are lots of programs to help you plan and prepare for a rewarding career from assisting you in preparing your resume to mentoring you as you join the workforce. Put yourself on the right track to a bright future - explore the many opportunities that these programs have to offer.


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Primary Resources


Youth Services



California Career Zone



U.S. Dept. of Labor
Career Voyages


Resources for Students


Career Videos



Bay Area Americorp



Employment Development Dept.







Useful Resources
and Reports

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or download)


UC Berkeley

Young Workers' Health
and Safety Website


East Bay Workforce
Investment Boards

"Closing the Gap"


National Youth
Employment Coalition

Research & Reports


Cal. Dept. of
Industrial Relations

Safety & Compliance

Facts for Employers

Facts for Teen Workers


Nat'l Institute for
Safety & Health
Youth Worker
Safety and Health


American Youth
Policy Forum

Preparing Youth
for Employment


Cal. Employment
Development Dept.

Workforce Investment
Act Overview


Cal. Governor's
Mentoring Partnership





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